Kanazawa Million Rotary Club

Rotary International District 2610

The Kanazawa Hyakumangoku
Rotary Club

Live 1 Kanazawa 2F
3-2 Konohana Kanazawa Ishikawa 920-0852 Japan
phone: +81 76-262-2211 fax: +81 76-262-2241


 Meets at every Thirsday 19:00 at Hotel Nikko(JAL) kanazawa 5F Conference Room

(Hotel JAL kanazawa : 2-15-1,Honmachi Kanazawa Ishikawa 920-0853 Japan)

The Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Rotary Club
was sponsored by the Kanazawa North Rotary Club in 1998 and
was Chartered on 23 April 1998.

The first president was Takeshi Iino,followed by Mikio Ishimaru,Yoshiaki Shimomura.Motoko Kiba,Akio Yoshida ,
Kunio Sakaguchi,Ryoichi Sumiya,Hideki Futagi,Takumi Emori , Kim Gisoo,Shuichi Iwakura ,Yuichi Murata , Kangiku Fujima
Kunio Nishimura,Yoshiaki Kitayama, Isao Noshiro, Mayumi Miyanaga, .and Kennin Gi.

Our Club has 46 members. female 17, male 29.

We try to extend friendly relations with other Rotary Clubs widely overseas as well,
making the best use of INTERNET as an infomation exchange tool.


2017-18 President of Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Rotary Club
 Teruko Uesugi

President Teruko Uesugi July.1 2017

2017-18President Teruko Uesugi greetings Joy to study by service! The gentle heart! Finally our club open the curtain of 20 years history. Through the efforts of many seniors member's repeated splendid rotary activity, we were able to greet the 20th anniversary. I have full strain and uneasiness I am appointed a president of this memorialize year and I have full strain and uneasiness. I will act in spite of my poor ability as much as possible. This yaer RI president MR. Ian H S rye Lee?Fsays MAKING A DIFFERENCE. In other words, through service Rotary deverop for its permanental position in daily changing world situation. Whatever chance of enrollment,I believe we continue staying there and to learn from the good friendship through service are connected to world peace. 2610 district sign of this year "will give a color of a club"; in our club, every member has exellent personality and definitely and it is a world's best club in solidarity and executive ability. I think "this real ability is our clubcolor". Borrow power of people for a commemorative business of this year, I hope we tick away the year in history and put safety success; thanking you in advance. I look forward to meet people at a regular meeting every week.

The short time exchange scholar! have a nice and healthy trips!

Friendly Club

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